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Aiden Steele

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Aiden Steele
MeasurementsHeight: 187cm
Birthday13 January
HairBrown, Grey, Multicolored, Short, Stubble
RoleAmerican, Detective, Senpai, Widower
Engages inSmoking
Visual novelsMain character - 1st Degree
Main character - 1st Degree: What a Lovely Summer
Voiced byIan (Demo Version)
Peter Joshua Kanis


Aiden is an all-American boy who is Rei’s supervisor at the Crime Agency. He is a homicide detective and accompanies Rei to the crime scenes whenever a murder occurs. He is in charge of both the main cases in this story: Doctor’s Case and Copycat’s Case. Aiden is a widower and has been struggling to quit smoking ever since. Slowly, he’s starting to open up to Rei about his past. Aiden tries, and fails, to keep his distance from anything too personal by maintaining a strict supervisor/employee relationship.

Likes: Being occupied, black coffee (with a little sugar), being the boss, solving a case

Dislikes: Injustice, murderers, liars, smoking (trying to quit), sarcasm.