Hair, Blond
Eyes, Red
Personality, Docile
Subject of, Accident, Homicide
Visual novelsSide character - Welcome To... Chichester 1/Redux : The Spy of America and the Long Vacation
Main character - Welcome To... Chichester OVN : The Beach
Side character - Welcome to... Chichester 3: The Devil of Chichester and the Last Day


Age : Early 20's
One half of "The Screaming Vocalists" black ops unit, and a person least suitable to the job.

Tries to prevent Misericordia doing anything to her victims, but usually without success. Won't leave due to the amount of enemies that the two of them have, as well as the fact that she feels that she belongs at Misericordias side.

Terrified of the protagonist, mainly due to believing all the rumours about him, which doesn't help when they first meet.