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HairBlond, No Eyebrows, Short
EyesNo Eyes
BodyAlbino, Androgynous
ClothesBelt, Necktie, Shirt, Trousers
RoleBisexual, Magician, Student, Youkai
Engages inFlirting, Seduction
Visual novelsSide character - Sable's Grimoire
Makes an appearance - Sable's Grimoire: Man And Elf


Hel is a romanticist who often acts without thinking. Androgynous in appearance, Hel pursues men and women alike, and she isn't one to take no for an answer.

Hel is neither strong nor motivated. To her, magic is merely a tool which allows her to hit on hotties of all races and genders indiscriminately. Hel excels at altering her appearance to match the ideals of whoever she is speaking to, and can trick even the strongest of minds into falling for her.

Hel is a Noppera-bou. She is a 1st year student in class 1-C of Amadronia Magic Academy.