Fuyutsuki Kaname

冬月 かなめ

Fuyutsuki Kaname
Fuyutsuki Kaname冬月 かなめ 
AliasesKana, Kana Kana
Hair, Braid, Intake, Sidehair, Spiky Bangs, Straight, Waist Length+, White
Eyes, Pink
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Dress, Pendant Necklace, Ribbon Hair Tie, Transparent
Personality, Charismatic, Refined
Role, Daughter, Domestic Partner, Girlfriend, Housewife, Manga Artist, Pianist, Roommate, Tsukkomi, University Student, Wealthy, Wife
Engages in, Cooking, Music Learning, Teasing
Subject of, Teasing
Visual novelsMain character - Sugar * Style
Main character - Sugar*Style Koibito Ijou Fuufu Miman After Story!!
Voiced byKaname Kururu


- A very intelligent and dexterous onee-san with perfect guard who can't get honest with herself.

Kaname is on the same year as the protagonist, but also two years older onee-san. Always acting composed and elegant is her motto, and she is being looked up to as a charismatic genius.
Although she has a prim and proper image to her, Kaname has a fairly frank personality. She is on the music course right now, but she hasn't found her future dream yet and is in the middle of looking for one that will match her perfectly.
She is very prideful and harsh-tongued, but also very caring of her juniors. Kaname has strong sense of justice that will make her help everyone who relies on her.

*Charm Point: Clumsy when it comes to love
*Gap Moe: Loves cute things

Study Course: Pianist