Felix Clermont

Felix Clermont
Felix Clermont AB
MeasurementsHeight: 157cm, Weight: 49kg
Birthday26 September
Hair, Short, Spiky Bangs, White
Eyes, Violet
Body, Kid, Slim
Clothes, Gym Shorts, Hat, Necklace, Pajamas, Pin-Back Button, Sailor Suit, Scarf, Sports Uniform, Swim Shorts, Uniform
Personality, Kind, Opposite Gender Voiced, Spoiled
Role, Wealthy
Visual novelsSide character - Camp Buddy
Voiced byAvery Rhett


Age: 18
Felix came from a wealthy family. He is used to getting what he wants. He can be quite cocky and difficult to deal with. But underneath his spoiled attitude, is a kind and generous boy who wants to make friends with everyone.

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