Judar Schwarka


Judar Schwarka
Judar Schwarkaジェダル・シュヴァルカ 
AliasesJedar, おにーさん (Yunagi), 我が主 (Eureshya)
Hair, Red, Shoulder-length, Spiky Bangs, Straight
Eyes, Amber, Slit Pupils, Tsurime
Body, Muscular, Olive, Tattoo, Young-adult
Clothes, Armband, Baggy Pants, Bandages, Belt, Cloak, Crop Top, Decorative Belt, Gloves, Hood, Knee-high Boots, Knee Pad, Necklace, Ornament Hanging from Clothes, Pendant Earring
Items, Axe, Greatsword
Personality, Brave, Confident, Distrustful, Donkan, Honest, Loner, Ore, Sharp-tongued, Stoic
Role, Antihero, Bodyguard, Employer, Hero, King, Master, Mercenary, Slave Owner, Warrior
Engages in, Competition, Duel, Fighting
Subject of, Betrayal, Child Abandonment, Enchainment, Slavery
Engages in (Sexual), Cowgirl, Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Group Sex, Group Sex of One Male and Several Females, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Missionary, Sex in Front of an Audience, Sitting Sex, Standing Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Blowjob, Boobjob
Visual novelsProtagonist - Fuukan no Grasesta
Voiced byYanesen


A mercenary hailing from the Bergarard kingdom, he is recruited by Eutre to assist during the 13th battle of the Ustorn valley at the start of the tale. A descendant of the "Rovalie" tribe of warriors, he has inhuman strength and unparalleled night vision and is marked by the striking tattoos which cover much of his body. When Bergarard loses the battle, he is saved from execution when Eutre negotiates the survival of himself and the rest of Eutre's forces by being sold as slaves to the city of Grasesta.

<hidden by spoiler settings> The Rovalie tribe of warriors was feared for their war exploits, but the tribe was persecuted and subject to prejudice after it was assimilated by the Bergerard kingdom. When Judar was young, his parents abandoned him in a village which was originally thought to be a safe haven. This abandonment left a deep impression on Judar; it forced him to survive through the strength of his arm and instilled in him an unshakeable belief in keeping his word even if others should break theirs.

After he, Eutre and the rest of the prisoners of war arrive at Grasesta, he is tricked into entering a valley which is a frequent site for the manifestation of the "disaster" which heralds an invasion of demons. He accidentally wanders into the "disaster" zone and is forced to flee. It is here he has his first encounter with the great Demon Fleurety. She is later responsible for transplanting a piece of the Demon Sovereign's flesh into his body, which almost leads to his execution but for Lilica's intervention.

As part of his deal with Lilica, he acts as her bodyguard as she attempts to find a cure for her condition by searching the deepest corners of the Black Pit for the monster which was the cause.

If he chooses to remain in Grasesta after buying his freedom with the proceeds of the artisans' tournament, he eventually duels King Salo and wins the throne, earning him the title of "Judar Schwarka Grasesta the 28th."