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AliasesKotone, Violet
HairV Bangs, Waist Length+, White
ClothesAnimal Pelt, Evening Gloves, Fur Trim, Garter, Headband
RoleGamer, Magician
Engages inBondage
Visual novelsProtagonist - Sakura MMO
Protagonist - Sakura MMO 2
Protagonist - Sakura MMO 3
Protagonist - Sakura MMO Extra


Viola is the name Kotone gave to her character in Asaph Online. Upon awakening in Asaph, Kotone inherits Viola’s appearance, her magical powers, and her name.

Viola is a dark witch with unimaginable powers, who is feared by everybody in Asaph. Many have tried to challenge her, but none have emerged victorious. She enjoys grinding people down beneath her heel (sometimes literally), and treats those around her as little more than playthings.
She’s a deeply sadistic, dangerous woman… but even she has a soft side.