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c75943.242019-03-16 at 03:09demluneKanade TaigaUpdated image from official visual artbook Still low quality image, please replace if you find another better image
c75943.232019-02-16 at 19:41chueeKanade Taigagrammar + the first spoiler doesn't make much sense without the second part, so it might as well all be in the spoiler
c75943.222019-02-16 at 09:02diabloryuzakiKanade Taigaif you want to add more clarity from my previous given spoiler, at least don't add unfinished spoiler like "travels back in time with kuro" to
c75943.212019-02-16 at 08:24chueeKanade Taigagrammar, rewriting the spoiler for more clarity
c75943.202019-02-07 at 23:17diabloryuzakiKanade Taigaadd new image
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c75943.182019-02-07 at 11:58diabloryuzakiKanade Taigafor previous user, please do update more effective and don't update one by one while you read the vn
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c75943.52019-01-27 at 17:57diabloryuzakiKanade Taigadetailed info about his "magic"
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