Mindflayer Eristia

Mindflayer Eristia
Mindflayer Eristia 
AliasesDeep One
Eyes, Violet
Body, Multiple Legs, Tentacle, Unnatural Skin Tone
Clothes, Beret
Role, Dominant Partner, Mollusc, Monster Girl
Engages in, Fake Rape, Metamorphosis, Tentacle Rape
Subject of, Memory Alteration, Sexual Corruption
Engages in (Sexual), Ahegao, Skull-fucking
Subject of (Sexual), Cowgirl, Mindbreak
Visual novelsProtagonist - Daraku Otome Ibun -Ochitaru Yuusha to Shinjitsu no Maken-


Scylla Family, Mollusk Type

"Ufufufu... Wow we can be joined together forever while I slish your head with my tentacles. I'm so happy..."

The hero Eristia, after being captured by a mindflayer and having her mind melted slurped by her tentacles. Due to having been implanted with "monster values", which interpret having lust directed towards oneself by the opposite sex as a joyous thing, she melted her own mind constantly, spontaneously coming to seek devilish pleasure herself in the end. With her thought circuits utterly stained in indecency, as one "with the heart of a monster", she was approved as worthy to transform into a minion of the abyssal monsters.

She has transformed into a grotesque enchantress, and whenever she's alone together with her lover, he is in human form, but otherwise, he is transformed into squid form. Engulfed in the feeling of bliss that comes from constantly being able to be joined together, she wanders the labyrinth of darkness while waving her tentacles about in pleasure with ecstatic gasps and sticky wet noises resounding...