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Manson Moss

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Manson Moss
HairArmpit Hair, Brown, Shoulder-length
EyesShadowed, Violet
PersonalityMischievous, Money Lover, Pervert
RoleAntihero, Homeless
Engages inNetori (steals the SO), Sarcasm, Seduction
Subject ofDelusion, Eating Disorder, Hospitalization, Mental Affliction, Psychosis
Visual novelsProtagonist - Object Ward.


"Lighten up a bit, doc~"

Clark County Psytriatric Hospital's newest resident. Manson is a very sarcastic and mischievous man with early onset schizophrenia. He has often had trouble with his bizarre delusions that always got him into trouble, but nothing ever severe enough to land him in the loony bin.

Manson believes himself to be independent and therefore should not remain in the ward. Because of this, he's quite unhappy with his current situation, but he's going to have some fun before his release.

"Hey, is this chair flammable? I want to make s'mores!"