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HairBowl Cut, Multicolored, Short, Sidehair, White
BodyHalo, Pale, Slim
ClothesCollar, Detached Sleeves, Ribbon Tie, Strapless Dress
PersonalityCurious, Eccentric, Kind, Mysterious
RoleExtraterrestrial, Host(ess), Police
Engages inDancing, Singing
Visual novelsMain character - Dream Club Gogo.
Voiced byOzawa Ari


Sporting otherworldly colored hair with a matching halo to complete the ensemble, Ange is a police officer form outer space stationed on earth; in other words, she's an alien. Her occupation as an intergalactic police officer means she has a strong sense of justice, but to contrast that, she's actually very gentle and calm, with very subtle ways of expressing her emotions. She has a great amount of curiosity about humanity and if given the opportunity, she won't hesitate to ask about Earth and the way it works.