Chad Gerges

Chad Gerges
Chad Gerges 
Hair, Ponytail
Body, Transman
Subject of, Avoidable Death
Visual novelsMain character - XOXO Blood Droplets


Chand is a trans boy who hasn’t fully transitioned yet. Because of that his voice isn’t especially masculine sounding right now, it’s more of a gender neutral tone. He’s a deadpan snarker with an unenthused and matter-of-fact way of speaking. No matter what he’s feeling, it’s never distinctly expressive. He only ever gets one or two notches more animated than his usual monotone.

Chand is very aware of the insanity going on around him and he wants as little to do with it as possible. Unfortunately, he’s from a family of psychics who occasionally interact with demons, so there always seems to be something that pulls him into trouble. Much to his chagrin.