Shinozaki Mayumi

篠崎 真弓

Shinozaki Mayumi
Shinozaki Mayumi篠崎 真弓 
MeasurementsHeight: 163cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 96-66-95cm
Hair, Pubic Hair
Body, Average Height
Clothes, Naked Apron, Open Cup Bra
Role, Mother
Subject of, Marriage Proposal, Pregnancy
Engages in (Sexual), Blowjob, Boobjob, Cowgirl, Discreet Phone Sex, Handjob, Incest, Outdoor Sex, Sex in Public Places, Sex with Children, Sixty-nine, Twin Blowjob, Twin Boobjob
Subject of (Sexual), Anal Sex, Butterfly, Cunnilingus, Missionary, Nipple Sucking, Vaginal Fingering
Visual novelsMain character - Boku Mama x Tomo Mama Koukan Hameppu Life ~Bosei Afureru Bokura no Kyonyuu Mama-tachi wa Haitoku ni Mimodae nagara Amaenbou o Musabori Aegu~
Voiced byHimenogi Tsubasa


Has an open-hearted, good natured personality.
Personality wise she lacks in sex appeal, but her huge breasts create quite the erotic atmosphere.
She's known Eita since he was little, and eventually surrendered her body to him after his desperate pleading.
She is starting to get addicted to Eita's sexual prowess.

[From Getchu]