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Makino Eita

牧野 瑛太

Makino Eita
Makino Eita牧野 瑛太 
Personality, Energetic
Role, Son
Visual novelsProtagonist - Boku Mama x Tomo Mama Koukan Hameppu Life ~Bosei Afureru Bokura no Kyonyuu Mama-tachi wa Haitoku ni Mimodae nagara Amaenbou o Musabori Aegu~


Has a cheerful, high-energy personality. Is childhood friends with Takumi.
Is overflowing in sexual/romantic desire for Mayumi.
Successfully persuaded Mayumi into a relationship with him (Only sexual though).
In order to fuck Mayumi he has studied many different things; contrary to his high-paced demeanor he also has quite the crafty side.

[From Getchu]