Shigiyama Haruhiko

鴫山 陽彦

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Shigiyama Haruhiko鴫山 陽彦 
Body, Large Penis, Overweight, Young-adult
Personality, Coward
Role, Living Alone, Office Worker
Visual novelsProtagonist - Muchimuchi Dekapai Mara Gui Maou-sama to Onboro Yojouhan Dousei Seikatsu


A 30 year old, overweight and sullen salary man. He has left his parents house and lives alone in an apartment.
He works for a black company and ends up working long hours for a meager salary. He isn't an especially good person but he is cowardly and unable to lie so his work suffers for it.

While he has a strong libido he has no money and is unable to utilize sex services. He is a virgin but his penis is considerably larger and than normal.

He is person of common sense and is thus always being lead around by Phrygia, however during sex he can get carried away and turn the tables on her. During his cohabitation with Phrygia he starts to develop feelings for her while drowning in the pleasure of her body.