Minamoto Chizuru

源 ちずる

Minamoto Chizuru
Minamoto Chizuru源 ちずる 
Visual novelsMain character - Kanokon: Esuii
Voiced byKawasumi Ayako


Chizuru is second-year female student at Kouta's school. On the outside she appears to be a well endowed teenage girl, but she is in fact a powerful kitsune. When she changes form, her black hair turns blonde, and she gains fox ears and a tail. While it is implied by her brother Tayura that she is 400 years old, it is later revealed that her age may be in the thousands. She has no recollection of her past from before she met her foster mother Tamamo, but over time remembers some things she had forgotten about herself. From the start of the series she has fallen in love with Kouta, and is constantly hanging around him. She very much wants to enter into a "relationship of sin" with him and is very forthright in her almost constant sexual suggestions and actions.