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Kurei Tamao

暮井 珠緒

Kurei Tamao
Kurei Tamao暮井 珠緒 
Hair, Brown
Role, Classmate
Visual novelsMain character - Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijou Shigatai Game no You na Mono
Voiced byOotsubo Yuka


Mahiro, Nyaruko, Kūko, and Hasuta's classmate. Nicknamed "Walking Speaker". Very talkative, likes to gather and spread gossip among the class. She became a close friend to Nyaruko and often gives advise for her to pursue Mahiro, despite often feeling depressed as her plans fail. She actually has feelings toward Mahiro, but decided to give up and support Nyaruko since she feels that she is no match for her.