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Luhi Distone


Luhi Distone
Luhi Distoneルーヒー・ジストーン 
Visual novelsSide character - Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijou Shigatai Game no You na Mono
Voiced byKouda Mariko


Luhy Distone is a Cthulhi, also known as the star-spawn of Cthulhu, who was working at Cthulhu Corp., a space company that produces video games and other entertainment that rivals that of CCE. Like Hasuta, she tried to get intel of Earth's entertainment from Yoriko, while preparing to show the new developed video game platform. The video game platform turns out to be a disaster, being too high-end to ever be affordable to consumers, and is destroyed by Kūko. Luhy was then fired by Cthulhu Corp. and become a vendor selling Takoyaki. She starts to have feelings toward Hasuta in the latter part of the story and declares to Mahiro that she will become his opponent.