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c7816.302019-07-01 at 13:57kuroneko45Byakuya RinneChanged the group sex trait to it participants child trait. Added the engages in rope bondage (happens on her route).
c7816.292017-12-17 at 19:44infernoplexByakuya RinneAdded "Rape by Proxy" (I didn't even know this trait was available). Also added "Engages in: Drugging" (she does this to Keisuke on her route).
c7816.282017-12-16 at 11:38traumatizerByakuya Rinnepretty sure the "collar" trait refers to the death game accessory so removed it.
c7816.272017-12-16 at 00:35infernoplexByakuya RinneFixed a typo in the description.
c7816.262017-12-16 at 00:27infernoplexByakuya RinneEdited the description (link pointing to erogereview is dead so I removed it) and added more traits (regarding "Sex Involving Smegma" and "Piss
c7816.252017-04-13 at 11:38skorpiondeathByakuya Rinne+1
c7816.242017-04-09 at 13:39skorpiondeathByakuya Rinne+1
c7816.232017-02-14 at 01:03skorpiondeathByakuya Rinne+1
c7816.222016-09-23 at 16:24traumatizerByakuya Rinne+1
c7816.212016-09-20 at 09:50traumatizerByakuya Rinnesilent -> taciturn
c7816.202016-09-19 at 20:53skorpiondeathByakuya Rinne+1
c7816.192016-09-03 at 23:20jezusdesuByakuya RinneNew Traits.
c7816.182016-04-21 at 20:12skorpiondeathByakuya Rinne+2
c7816.172015-11-21 at 16:49traumatizerByakuya Rinne+4
c7816.162015-11-09 at 20:04skorpiondeathByakuya Rinnetraits
c7816.152015-08-20 at 11:14traumatizerByakuya Rinne+1
c7816.142015-08-18 at 21:16skorpiondeathByakuya RinneBetter quality picture without logo. I kept same expression.
c7816.132015-08-18 at 20:59skorpiondeathByakuya Rinnetraits
c7816.122015-07-11 at 10:19traumatizerByakuya Rinne+1
c7816.112015-07-03 at 21:59traumatizerByakuya Rinnetrait update
c7816.102015-07-03 at 11:52traumatizerByakuya Rinnetraits
c7816.92015-03-14 at 22:33traumatizerByakuya Rinnedesc & traits
c7816.82015-02-28 at 11:24traumatizerByakuya Rinnenon-spoiler traits
c7816.72015-01-21 at 07:07multiByakuya RinneRemoving deleted traits.
c7816.62013-06-09 at 02:29rjmacxByakuya RinneTraits
c7816.52013-06-01 at 15:39binfujiwaraByakuya Rinnebreasts size from link
c7816.42013-05-03 at 15:43hanshenrikByakuya Rinneadded "Subject of / Avoidable Death"
c7816.32012-10-04 at 00:32binfujiwaraByakuya Rinnetraits
c7816.22012-09-17 at 17:11binfujiwaraByakuya Rinnetraits
c7816.12012-09-17 at 17:00binfujiwaraByakuya Rinnenew char