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Zoomed Image + Many Traits Added
TraitsBody / Wings (no spoiler)
Clothes / Dress (no spoiler)
Role / Living Doll (no spoiler)
Role / Magician (no spoiler)
Engages in / Fighting (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Bodyjob (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Bukkake (no spoiler)
Body / Pale (no spoiler)
Body / Slim (no spoiler)
Body / Teen (no spoiler)
Body / Tiny (no spoiler)

Body / Wings (no spoiler)
Clothes / Body Ribbon (no spoiler)
Clothes / Brooch (no spoiler)
Clothes / Collar (no spoiler)
Clothes / Cuffs (no spoiler)

Clothes / Dress (no spoiler)
Clothes / Headband (no spoiler)
Clothes / Ribbon Hair Tie (no spoiler)
Clothes / Ribbon Tie (no spoiler)
Clothes / Slippers (no spoiler)
Personality / Emotional (no spoiler)
Personality / Keigo (no spoiler)
Personality / Watashi (no spoiler)
Role / Employer (no spoiler)
Role / Friend (no spoiler)

Role / Living Doll (no spoiler)
Role / Magician (no spoiler)
Engages in / Fighting (no spoiler)
Engages in / Flying (no spoiler)
Subject of / Betrayal (no spoiler)

Engages in (Sexual) / Bodyjob (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Bukkake (no spoiler)

Lilica Rcitine


Lilica Rcitine
Lilica Rcitineリリカ・ルシティーネ 
Body, Pale, Slim, Teen, Tiny, Wings
Clothes, Body Ribbon, Brooch, Collar, Cuffs, Dress, Headband, Ribbon Hair Tie, Ribbon Tie, Slippers
Personality, Emotional, Keigo, Watashi
Role, Employer, Friend, Living Doll, Magician
Engages in, Fighting, Flying
Subject of, Betrayal
Engages in (Sexual), Bodyjob
Subject of (Sexual), Bukkake
Visual novelsMain character - Fuukan no Grasesta
Voiced byTsukishiro Mahiru


Lilica Rcitine in her Remote Doll form (魔導操殻). In this form she is small enough to ride on Judar's shoulder when in the Black Pit. With the exception of days when the full moon is in the sky, Lilica spends her days in this form performing research for the guild and other duties.

The technology for Lilica's doll was partly derived from the now-lost technology of Madou Koukaku several centuries before. Although the wielder has considerable control over the frame, it requires a power source and has the same clumsiness shared with golems.

Other instances

Lilica Rcitine
Lilica Rcitineリリカ・ルシティーネ 
Hair, Blunt Bangs, Pink, Sidehair, Straight, Waist Length+, White
Eyes, Pink
Body, Kid, Pale, Short, Slim
Clothes, Bow Tie, Chain Jewellery, Cufflink, Cuffs, Dress, Headband, Ornament Hanging from Clothes, Waist Cincher
Personality, Emotional, Friendly, Keigo, Naive, Optimist, Refined, Watashi
Role, Employer, Friend, Head of Household, Master, Noble, Ojousama, Tsukkomi
Subject of, Curse, Phasmophobia
Engages in (Sexual), Group Sex, Group Sex of One Male and Several Females, Outdoor Sex, Twin Blowjob, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Missionary, Sitting Sex, Tominagi, Vaginal Fingering
Visual novelsMain character - Fuukan no Grasesta
Voiced byTsukishiro Mahiru


The head of household of the Rcitine noble family. Lilica is searching for a capable warrior who can protect her in her expeditions to the Black Pit to uncover the cause behind her curse. Upon Dulphia's recommendation, she seeks to test Judar and asks him to participate in the battle to repel the "Disaster" to prove his worthiness. Her favourite hobby is walking, but her abysmal sense of direction means she almost certainly gets lost despite being born and raised in Grasesta.

<hidden by spoiler settings> When she was young, her parents took her along to the Black Pit on one of their inspection tours. It was at this time she encountered a monster which reputedly killed her parents and almost killed her but for the valiant efforts of her household bodyguard. Although she was the only survivor of the attack, she was left at death's door and her soul could not be bound to her body. Only the efforts of the Goetia interception guild's leader Legi saved her life by binding her soul to a doll. It is in her doll form that Lilica spends most of her days engaged in researching the cause of her curse in hopes that she can restore herself back to normal. Only on days of the full moon will her soul return to her human body.

A devout disciple of the moon goddess Lyucien, her faith is later discovered to be one reason why she survived the attack in the Black Pit and why the Rinshi are vulnerable to her magic attacks.

Although her doll form is surprisingly durable, her human body must be kept safe in an underground room of her mansion to prevent malevolent spirits from possessing it. In addition, Lilica has a phobia of phantoms stemming from their uncanny ability to suddenly materialise.

Lilica eventually falls in love with Judar after fighting together with him and learning about his origins. She eventually grows strong enough for him to acknowledge her as an equal partner. She in turn promises that he will not die alone and that she will be alongside him if he were to fall in battle.

At the end of the tale, Lilica serves as Judar's most trusted adviser in her human form and as his queen consort. Despite Mao's protestations, she seeks to find a way to join Judar in expeditions having lost the ability to fight when not in her doll form.