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Toujou Koneko


Toujou Koneko塔城小猫
MeasurementsHeight: 138cm, Weight: 31kg, Bust-Waist-Hips: 67-57-73cm
Visual novelsMain character - High School DxD
Voiced byTaketatsu Ayana


A 10th grade student. Born as Shirone, Koneko is a young Nekomata who is part of a rare species among her kind, called the Nekoshou. After losing her parents, she and her older sister, Kuroka, were later taken in by an unnamed Devil who reincarnated her sister as one of the members of his peerage. However, Kuroka's power as a Nekomata supposedly soon grew out of control, eventually causing her to kill her master and become a Stray Devil on the run from her pursuers. In actuality, he had planned to harm Koneko, causing Kuroka to kill him in order to protect her younger sister.