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Tokio Morishima

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Tokio Morishima
AliasesTurtleGuy, Taro Turtle, McTurtle, Mr. Turtle
Birthday25 June
HairBlond, Spiky
ClothesJeans, T-shirt, Tank Top
ItemsCigarette, Mobile Phone
PersonalityBlunt, Dishonest, Loner, Misanthrope, Rude
RoleAntihero, Journalist, Pet Owner, Writer
Engages inDrinking, Investigation, Online Chatting, Sarcasm, Smoking
Subject ofDisappointment
Visual novelsProtagonist - Silver Jiken
Protagonist - Silver Jiken 25 Ku


The protagonist of the Placebo storylines. A freelance journalist who has been tasked with investigating the serial killer Kamui Uehara.