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c81607.62019-08-09 at 17:12shukumeiteki1MisuzuEdited, she is just called "misuzu", doesnt have a surname, I was naive enough to trust the original editor name, maybe he got confused because the
c81607.52019-08-09 at 01:01wakaranaiUtsumi Misuzurestored name
c81607.42019-08-07 at 17:54shukumeiteki1Misuzufixed
c81607.32019-08-06 at 22:04shukumeiteki1Misuzuedited
c81607.22019-07-22 at 02:38shukumeiteki1Utsumi Misuzufixed
c81607.12019-03-17 at 22:33wakaranaiUtsumi Misuzunew char