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c822.172013-01-19 at 11:15takataForte Stollenminor fix
c822.162012-10-19 at 17:10takataForte StollenBetter bridge background.
c822.152012-10-16 at 23:59takataForte StollenReverting, previous image was sharper.
c822.142012-10-16 at 23:37takataForte StollenImage uses bridge bg from Moonlit Lovers, done with echomateria's method (t1377.70).
c822.132012-09-29 at 07:02takataForte Stollenminor fix
c822.122012-09-29 at 06:52takataForte StollenWears dress for military ball ?
c822.112012-09-29 at 06:06takataForte StollenAny "assaults" are military, not criminal.
c822.102012-09-24 at 01:12takataForte StollenMinor fix
c822.92012-09-24 at 01:08takataForte StollenMinor fix
c822.82012-09-24 at 00:58takataForte StollenChanged description so it describes her as she appears in the visual novels, rather than the anime.
c822.72012-09-22 at 03:35takataForte StollenPutting all images of heroines against same background.
c822.62011-06-27 at 06:06immlffForte Stollenname, see link
c822.52011-06-27 at 05:17nachtwandlerStollen ForteName order according rules
c822.42011-06-26 at 18:31echomateriaForte Stollenimage change
c822.32011-06-26 at 17:29atlantimaForte Stollenname order
c822.22011-06-26 at 09:12nachtwandlerStollen ForteTrait+
c822.12011-06-25 at 17:18nachtwandlerStollen ForteForte added