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Akitsu Shouko

秋津 祥子

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Akitsu ShoukoSafe / Tame (14)
Akitsu Shouko秋津 祥子
HairBraid, Brown, Long
BodyBig Breasts, Overweight
ClothesNaked Apron, Pajamas, Skirt, Sweater
PersonalityAdaptive, Kind, Relaxed, Son Complex
RoleBisexual, Divorcee, Friend, Mother, Not a Virgin, Office Lady, Single Parent, Sister-in-law
Visual novelsMain character - Mama Club Shi ~Tadashii Seikyouiku o Oshieyou~
Voiced byMatsuoka Yuuri


Yuki's biological mother and Naoki's ex-wife. Yuki calls her "mama". She has a laid-back and calm personality but holds strong convictions.

She used to work as a receptionist at Naoki's company and is a very beautiful and stylish woman.

She became a little overweight because she was a housewife after her marriage. She has a plump body and big breasts. After her divorce from Naoki, she moved to a nearby apartment and works part-time as an office worker.

She is good friends with Naoki's sister (Saya) and his new wife (Yuriko) and sees them frequently.

She run's "yuuki-kun's mama club" and keeps it under wraps.

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