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Alkar Cassian

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Alkar Cassian
MeasurementsHeight: 188cm
HairBrown, Curtained, Short
BodyDark, Furry Tail, Kemonomimi, Scar, Tall, Young-adult
ClothesBandages, Belt, Earrings, Hood
RoleBisexual, Werewolf
Engages inDrinking, Polyamory
Visual novelsMain character - 'Til Death
Main character - Possibly a Chimera, Probably a Big Fucking Cat
Main character - The Haunting of Lunaris
Main character - When the Night Comes
Voiced byJalen K. Cassell


Species: Lycan Hybrid
Occupation: N/A
Height: 6'2


Alkar can be romanced on his own or as part of a polyamorous route with Omen.