Itou Reia

伊頭 麗亜

Itou Reia
Itou Reia伊頭 麗亜 
Hair, Blond, Parted to Side, Short
Eyes, Teal
Body, E+ Cup, Makeup, Pale, Younger Appearance
Clothes, Cloak, Earrings, High Heels, Necklace, Robe, Sling Bikini, Strap-on Dildo, Transparent
Items, Hypodermic Needle
Role, Dominant Partner, Slave Owner, Wealthy, Wife
Engages in, Drugging, Infidelity, Rape by Proxy
Subject of, Erotic Massage
Engages in (Sexual), Gokkun, Peeing on Others, Pegging, Urethral Sounding
Subject of (Sexual), Cowgirl
Visual novelsMain character - Great Deceiver


A proprietor just as beautiful as Marie. She holds joint ownership of the gym known as the "Royal Family Fitness Club". She married Kisaku to gain control of the Sugimoto group, but ignores him otherwise, treating him as less than a dog. Her obsession with staying young and beautiful exceeds even Marie's.