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Arencia Jonah Elborg


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Arencia Jonah Elborgアーレンシア・ヨナ・エルボーグ
HairBlond, Braid, Long, Straight, Tiny Braid, V Bangs, Waist Length+
BodyHuge Breasts, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesArmored Panties, Cape, Cravat, Crotchless Micro Bikini, Decorative Belt, Gauntlet, Hair Ribbon, Headband, Plate Armor, Ribbon Hair Accessory, Sabaton, Spaulders, Tassets
ItemsDiary, Rapier, Sword
PersonalityCompetitive, Confident, Honorable, Loyal, Patriotic, Strict, Tsundere
RoleCoach, Foreigner, Knight, Royal Guard, Wife
Engages inDrinking, Fighting, Riding, Swordsmanship
Subject ofBridal Carry, Fainting
Visual novelsMain character - Sex Open World e Youkoso!
Voiced byAkashi Yuki


The proud female knight of the Empire.

Profession: Knight of the Imperial Guard
Country: The Holy Imperium, Valhalla
Race: Human
Height: Slightly tall
Breast size: Big

Under instruction from their gods, the great western empire of Valhalla seeks to broaden its' lands.
In Valhalla, Alencia holds the vaulted position of "Head of the First Order of Imperial Knights, in Guard of Her Royal Princess", which is to say she is the strongest knight.
In order to further spread the influence of Valhalla's gods across the world, she travels to Laurentia, to take the hero's seed.

Her pride is excessive, to say the least, and her tendency to shout "I'll kill you for that!" at the slightest provocation tends to make those around her quite ill at ease.
While she was rather curt with the protagonist at the start, after he saved her from an energetic orc, she quickly finds herself falling for him.

「Though I know it's for the Empire, to have to take the seed of a pitiful man such as yourself... I'd just as soon kill you.」