Kuromorihime Akira

黒森姫 晶

Kuromorihime Akira
Kuromorihime Akira黒森姫 晶 
Aliasesアキラ=ルル=イルシュ, Akira Lulu Hirsch
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 121-55-85cm, Q cup
Hair, Braid, Grey, Thick Eyebrows, V Bangs, Waist Length+
Eyes, Blue
Body, Average Height, Big Ass, N+ Cup, Pointed Ears, Tanline, Tanned, Teen
Clothes, Ankle Socks, Bell, Bridal Gauntlet, Choker, Crotchless Teddy, Evening Gloves, Forehead Necklace, Gloves, Headband, Kemonomimi Headband, Knee-high Boots, Lace Band Thigh-high Stockings, Loafers, Maid's Headdress, Micro Bikini, School Uniform, Sleeveless Leotard, Sports Shoes, Tail, Thigh-high Stockings, Thong Panties
Personality, Tomboy
Role, Classmate, Elf, Kouhai, Tenth Grader
Engages in, Cat Cosplay, Cow Cosplay, Lactation, Wrestling
Subject of, Pregnancy
Engages in (Sexual), Adult Breast Feeding, Ahegao, Blowjob, Female Ejaculation, Group Sex of One Male and Several Females, Handjob, Masturbation, Nursing Handjob, Outdoor Sex, Pregnant Sex, Sex in Water, Sexual Animal Cosplay, Virgin Sex
Subject of (Sexual), Cowgirl, Inflated Belly, Missionary, Standing Sex
Visual novelsMain character - Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Chou Ero ♥ Appli Gakuen!
Voiced byYamato Sakura


First year student, Extreme Women's Wrestling Club member
Paikokinesis: Power Accelerator Lv5
Side effects: Bikini tan formation and breast milk swelling

~Masturbation Data~
+Average Weekly Masturbation Amount: 12 times
+First Masturbation Experience: Her first masturbation took place during the 4th year of elementary school on the day before she changed schools. She rubbed one out on the corner of Kazuma's school desk.
+Masturbation Comment: Her desire to start masturbating began when she was wrestling with Kazuma in elementary school. When a denki anma was performed on her with a vacuum cleaner, she felt a nice sensation.

A girl from another world called Yuridrasil who met Kazuma when he was younger. He thought she was a boy back then. Her name in Yuridrasil is Akira Lulu Hirsch and she is the daughter of a chief of Dark Elves (She has a relative named Naomin in the same family). She is a tomboy who is bright, positive, and hates losing. Akira met Kazuma in their fourth year of elementary school, where they had a questionable encounter (they bathed together but she was embarrassed by her lack of breasts, so she covered her body in a towel). Because she transferred schools, she hasn't been able to see him in a long time. She transferred to Toaru Girls Academy and made a promise to reunite with Kazuma in order to relay the feelings she has kept inside for many years.

She belongs to the extreme wrestling club at Toaru Girls Academy and uses her special ability of "Strength Assist" in order to win multiple tournaments. If she uses this skill too much, however, she starts to ovulate, which additionally causes a bikini tan to form on her body. Her breasts begin to swell with milk as well, which can be controlled via masturbation. (At the height of her arousal, a crest on her womb is made visible).

Her favorite food is curry rice.
She is not good with fashion and is an airhead in that regard. In that sense, she can be talked into wearing racy clothing.