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Tokiwa Sumika

常盤 澄香

Tokiwa Sumika常盤 澄香
RoleCoder, Coworker, Video Game Developer
Visual novelsMain character - Death End Re;Quest
Side character - Death End Re;Quest 2
Voiced byCherami Leigh (English (Uncredited))
Izawa Shiori (Japanese)


"Um, I'm a programmer too, you know? Let me give it a whirl!"

A coworker of Arata and Shiina's who works as a programmer on a project separate from World's Odyssey. As soon as she discovers that Shiina, whom she considered to be a sister, was stuck inside of W.O.D., she teams up with Arata to extract her. Her hobbies include curry ramen cups and fanatically studying the occult.

[From Idea Factory]