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Mashita Urara

真下 麗

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Mashita Urara真下 麗
MeasurementsHeight: 157cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 116-56-88cm, O cup
HairPink, Sidehair, Waist Length+, Wavy
EyesPink, Tareme
BodyAverage Height, Huge Breasts, Pale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesArmband, Beret, Clothing with Ribbons, Hair Ribbon, Knee-high Socks, Miniskirt, Ribbon Hair Accessory, Ribbon Tie, School Uniform, Skirt, Tank Top, Vest
PersonalityClumsy, Deredere, Docile, Otaku
RoleChildhood Friend, Gamer, Kouhai, Library Committee Member, Tenth Grader
Visual novelsMain character - Honoo no Haramase Oppai Shintai Sokutei ~Osananajimi Joshikousei Shintai Sokutei de Zen'in Nakadashi Paradise!~
Voiced byKusayanagi Junko


Class: 1-D
Favorite food: Recovery drinks (especially blue drinks)
Hobbies: Playing TRPGs, discussing the deep worlds of tokusatsu and games
Troubles: Her neck and shoulders are always stiff due to her breast size, and said breasts also keep lactating.

One of Yuuya's childhood friends and a docile girl who is part of the library committee, but unexpectedly a lover of TRPGs as well. Whenever Yuuya comes to the library, a book flies to his face; due to this Urara thinks that he always gets cursed when he enters it.

She is best friends with both Tsukie and Yuki, and Yuuya calls them the "Setsugekka Trio".