Edit history of Sakurai Risa

c84993.72020-03-30 at 03:08hentaifan232Sakurai RisaRemoved Pregnancy and Pregnant Sex due to those never happening during the game, 1 scene near the end could be confused for a pregnant belly but it
c84993.62019-12-01 at 12:18psychopatateSakurai RisaTraits
c84993.52019-11-25 at 07:56playnovelSakurai Risa+traits.
c84993.42019-11-24 at 05:15wakaranaiSakurai Risaimg, traits
c84993.32019-09-27 at 22:18saileshSakurai RisaAdded traits
c84993.22019-09-27 at 02:38ad123Sakurai RisaUpdate
c84993.12019-08-27 at 03:39xg70dSakurai Risaadded character, temporary character image until official sprite arrives.