Sakuramori Anzu

桜森 杏子

Sakuramori Anzu
Sakuramori Anzu桜森 杏子 O
MeasurementsHeight: 160cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 85-57-86cm
Birthday10 August
Hair, Long, Orange, Twin Tails
Eyes, Amber
Body, Teen
Personality, Refined
Role, Student
Visual novelsSide character - Hanafubuki ~Sennen no Koi o Shimashita~
Main character - Kachou Fuugetsu ~Koi ni Ochitaru Hanazono no Hime~
Voiced byAoyama Yukari


The 3rd year student in the position of Hanahime (Flower princess). As her family is managing the school, she holds considerable power. Calm and collected most of the time, she’s undoubtedly a lady. Even so, she has a more childish side. Really obstinate sometimes.

[From Accany's review]