Edit history of Veleno

c85591.72019-12-02 at 22:36animedubamericaVeleno+1
c85591.62019-11-07 at 19:45skorpiondeathVeleno+1 for alternative hair look, @eacil plz go play it...Chinbotsu it's a must. Also a nice finesse that her name is Veleno (italian transaltion of
c85591.52019-11-07 at 12:50eacilVelenoI still didn't play this masterpiece but I don't think I am wrong here if I add the newhalf trait
c85591.42019-10-10 at 11:50skorpiondeathVelenomore spec
c85591.32019-09-27 at 21:35skorpiondeathVeleno+1
c85591.22019-09-27 at 21:09skorpiondeathVeleno+2
c85591.12019-09-27 at 20:47skorpiondeathVelenonew char, sadly best pic I could get, rotated it lose quality