Edit history of Toki Shiko

c85592.72019-12-02 at 22:38animedubamericaToki Shiko+1
c85592.62019-11-07 at 12:59skorpiondeathToki Shiko+1
c85592.52019-09-28 at 08:54shinnewToki ShikoName. link
c85592.42019-09-27 at 22:07skorpiondeathTotoki Shikokofixed name, there is hiragana in the text I hope I got it right
c85592.32019-09-27 at 21:10skorpiondeathToki Yukarikofix
c85592.22019-09-27 at 20:59skorpiondeathToki Yukarikofix
c85592.12019-09-27 at 20:54skorpiondeathToki Yukarikonew char, best pic I could get, transformed it loses quality. I listen 10 times her name but I'm not 100% sure about it