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Ayano Taiki

綾野 大樹

Ayano Taiki
Ayano Taiki綾野 大樹 
Role, Orphan, Student's Club Adviser, Teacher
Visual novelsProtagonist - Harame ~Seishi o Hoshigaru Midara na Oshiego~


A physics teacher and the Astronomy Club's advisor.

Taiki lost his parents in an accident when he was young, and since he had no relatives that could be contacted, he was raised in an orphanage.

He was perfectly satisfied with his life in the orphanage and made a lot of happy memories in the facility, but he does somewhat long for his family and his birthplace.

Since he heard that his parents were splendid teachers, Taiki decided to become a teacher himself and aimed to become one that would guide his students well.

He has a gentle personality and almost never let's himself be carried away by emotions. Taiki is polite and has gentle demeanor. He has a good reputation among students as a "teacher who get's it".

Taiki dream for the future is to have a warm and happy family.