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Birthday1 January
Hair, Blond, Brown, Parted to Side, Spiky, Straight
Eyes, Cyan, Hosome
Body, Pale, Tall, Young-adult
Clothes, Belt, Feather Boa, Leather Jacket, Trousers
Personality, Ambitious, Competitive, Selfish, Sweets Lover
Role, Antagonist, Villain
Engages in, Fighting, Flirting
Subject of, Child Abandonment
Visual novelsMain character - Shall We Date?: Destiny Ninja 2+


Likes: Sweets, Being Cool
Dislikes: Curly Hair, Being Uncool
Hobby: Eating Around, Cleaning
Home: Hokuto Island

Descendant of the Emperor who works from behind the scenes.

Mitsuru is the descendant of the emperor, who has been working on restoring the power to rule the country.
Though it appears to be his own wish, his family has a huge influence on his decision-making.

He thinks of Kila as an incredibly understanding friend.

His daily routine includes a few hours of thorough cleaning of the house.

[Official in-game description]