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AliasesInmate No.89, Falco
HairBlack, Spiky
BodyPale, Young-adult
ClothesPrison Uniform
PersonalityMysterious, Secretive
RoleAssassin, No Name, Prisoner, Yakuza
Engages inAttempted Murder
Subject ofConfinement
Voiced byD. C. Douglas (English (uncredited))
Shingaki Tarusuke (Japanese (uncredited))


Name: Unknown
Sex: Male
Age: Early 40s
Birthday: Unknown
Profession: Unknown.
Likes: Unknown.
Dislikes: Unknown.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Skills: Unknown.

A mysterious inmate currently serving a life sentence at Fuchu Prison for murder. Known only as #89.

[Edited from the in-game character description]

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