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Takizawa Risa

滝沢 リサ

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Takizawa Risa滝沢 リサ
AliasesRindere, 凛デレ
PersonalityMature, Relaxed, Strict
RoleCustomizable Appearance, Nameable
Visual novelsMain character - Custom Order Maid 3D 2
Voiced byMisonoo Mei


One of the three original or early employed Maids. A mature and dignified young lady who is quite like an older sister to the other girls.

Everything, including name and except her personality is up to the Master to decide.

A Rindere is similar yet different to the common Coodere in that one still very much shows emotions, mostly with a mature, calm and strict attitude while in contrary to a Tsundere those emotions are not a facade. Of course the -dere part still very much means that they care.