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AliasesThe Wizard of the West
HairBlack, Gradient Colored Hair, Grey, Long, Shaggy, Sidehair, Straight, White
ClothesBracelet, Eyepatch, Pendant Necklace
RoleBased on a Fictional Character, Magician, Villain
Subject ofPre-Story Death, Resurrection
Visual novelsMain character - Oz+


The Wizard of the West

Love Tendency: Selfish and forcible, but...?
Place: The country of the Winkies
Motto: Know your heart's desire, there lies your destiny.

Wesley used to be the evil ruler of the country of the Winkies in the west, infamous and feared by his people.You fought him once during your journey and managed to annihilate him by spraying water over him, which turned out to be his weakness.
For some reason he's brought back to life, and is now one of your boyfriend candidates. Due to his past, he doesn't get along well with your three companions.
His overbearing nature still hasn't changed, but the way he approaches you doesn't seem like that of an evil wizard in the past...

[Official in-game description]