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Misaki Seiko

美咲 聖子

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Misaki Seiko美咲 聖子
MeasurementsR cup
HairBrown, Shoulder-length
BodyBig Ass, Huge Breasts
ClothesBikini, Erotic Wedding Dress, Sports Shoes, Veil, Wedding Ring
PersonalityConfident, Refined
RoleFormer Celebrity, Mother, Wife
Engages inInfidelity, Pool, Remarriage, Volleyball, Wedding
Subject ofNetorare (they are the stolen SO), Pregnancy
Visual novelsSide character - Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Chou Ero ♡ Appli Gakuen!
Voiced byFuyumiya Azuki


Konoka's mother. She used to be an idol when she was younger, much like her daughter.