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Swapping names around to match proper VNDB order.
NameNatalya Petrovna VolkovaVolkova Natalya Petrovna

Volkova Natalya Petrovna

Volkova Natalya Petrovna
Volkova Natalya Petrovna 
Hair, Blond, Shoulder-length
Eyes, Green
Clothes, School Uniform
Items, Violin
Personality, Friendly, Immature, Puns
Role, Russian, Twelfth Grader, Twin Sister, Violinist
Subject of, Mental Affliction
Visual novelsMain character - Missing Stars


Hailing from faraway Russia, Natalya is a lively, radiant ball of energy, always with a big smile and a lighthearted joke to share with her friends. Being a sheltered rich girl new to both the school and the country, she's eager to meet new people and try out new things that strike her very flighty fancy. To her, the world is one big rollercoaster ride, with twists and surprises at every turn--and you can certainly bet she's raring to discover them.