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Horizon Ariadust


Horizon AriadustSafe / Tame (16)
Horizon Ariadustホライゾン・アリアダスト
HairWaist Length+, White
PersonalityHard Worker, Stoic
Subject ofAmnesia, Pre-Story Death
Visual novelsMain character - Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Portable
Voiced byChihara Minori


She is an android employed at the bakery/snack shop Blue Thunder, which is popular among the Musashi students. She aimlessly appeared one year ago and the owner of Blue Thunder took her in, but she has no memories prior to that. She is emotionless and unsociable, but she works very hard at Blue Thunder. She is also the reason why Tori started going back to the Blue Thunder, because she resembled Horizon, Tori's childhood friend and love interest who supposedly died ten years earlier.