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Minato Tsukasa

湊 つかさ

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Minato Tsukasa湊 つかさ
MeasurementsHeight: 152cm
HairBlack, Short
BodyShort (obsolete)
ClothesSchool Uniform
PersonalityEffeminate, Kind, Romantic, Shy
RoleHigh School Student, Non-blood-related Brother, Older Brother
Visual novelsProtagonist - Princess Heart Link ~Kenki-tachi no Enbu~


The protagonist. He is a first year student at St. Trea high school.

He is a small boy who looks like a pretty girl. He is shy and does not have many friends. Of course, he's never had a girlfriend either.

He has the heart of a young maiden; often dreaming about love and delusions of what a life with a girlfriend would be like.

His class in the game world is "Apprentice Swordsman".

He is only 152 cm tall but his penis is 20 cm long. Phimosis included.