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Kusakabe Kiichi

草壁 喜壱

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Kusakabe Kiichi草壁 喜壱
BodySlim, Young-adult
ClothesLeather Jacket, T-shirt
PersonalityPervert, Proactive
Visual novelsProtagonist - Kyokugen Chikan Tokuiten
Protagonist - Kyokugen Chikan Tokuiten 2 - Chikan no Shoumei


An ordinary young man who has molestation techniques refined by extensive practice and an "eye" which can detect girls with the desire to be molested in public.

Unemployed and spending his days in sloth, his hobby is molesting females in crowded trains. He boards the trains practically every morning and looks for targets to molest.

The gears of fate for Kiichi begin to turn the day he opens a letter delivered to his apartment...

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