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Aiuchi Shuuta

愛内 周太

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Aiuchi ShuutaSafe / Tame (14)
Aiuchi Shuuta愛内 周太AB
Birthday30 October
HairBlue, Short
BodyPale, Teen
ClothesLab Coat, Necktie, School Uniform, Shirt, T-shirt, Yukata
PersonalityArrogant, Loner, Ore, Smart
RoleChildhood Friend, Classmate, Eleventh Grader, Living Alone, Schoolmate, Son
Engages inBridal Carry, Reading, Skipping School
Subject ofFainting, Headache, Terminal Illness
Visual novelsProtagonist - Einstein Yori Ai o Komete
Protagonist - Einstein Yori Ai o Komete: Apollo Crisis
Voiced byAnzu Hana (Past)


A 2nd year student at Hokumaki Academy

He is a prodigy who scores the highest on every exam.
He is cynical and has no friends.
He lives alone.

[Translated from the official site]