Edit history of Maria Cardinal

c9116.82019-02-15 at 21:58wakaranaiMaria Cardinalrestored image
c9116.72016-09-30 at 22:43thewayfarerMaria CardinalSpecific 'hat'
c9116.62016-02-25 at 06:55chipp12Maria Cardinal..
c9116.52015-08-17 at 21:59skorpiondeathMaria Cardinaltraits
c9116.42013-09-25 at 05:31nutellafanMaria CardinalEdited hair colour. Can't really see so I'm not confident with my edit. It looks like a light brown, may be blonde.
c9116.32013-02-09 at 12:45binfujiwaraMaria Cardinaltraits
c9116.22013-02-09 at 12:44binfujiwaraMaria Cardinalimage
c9116.12012-10-26 at 22:50binfujiwaraMaria Cardinalnew char