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Harvey Chapman

Harvey ChapmanB
MeasurementsHeight: 188cm, Weight: 90kg
Birthday14 November
HairAfro, Bald, Balding, Beard, Brown
ClothesBaseball Cap
RoleFather, Homosexual, Teacher, University Student
Engages inAmerican Football, Gardening
Visual novelsSide character - Destiny Fails Us: A New Life
Protagonist - Make It Last
Main character - Make It Last: While You Can


Harvey was a football player in college when he met Jordan Min. He lived in an apartment with 5 other guys, and slept on the couch. He eventually moved into a new place with Jordan, after he accidentally set Jordan's kitchen on fire. He would eventually move into his own house with Jordan and their daughter, Candace. He would go into a landscaping career, and eventually starting teaching Self Defense and MMA classes, at a studio called No Limits.

Harvey doesn't get along with his dad. His mother passed away.