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Role / Full Sister (no spoiler)
Role / Older Sister (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Armpit Sex (no spoiler)

Hair / Blue (no spoiler)
Hair / Ponytail (no spoiler)
Hair / Sidehair (no spoiler)
Eyes / Blue (no spoiler)
Body / Pale (no spoiler)
Body / Slim (no spoiler)
Body / Young-adult (no spoiler)
Clothes / Belt (no spoiler)
Clothes / Bikini (no spoiler)
Clothes / Clothing with Ribbons (no spoiler)
Clothes / Hair Flower (no spoiler)
Clothes / Hair Tie (no spoiler)
Clothes / Hairpin (no spoiler)
Clothes / Kimono (no spoiler)
Clothes / Naked Shirt (no spoiler)
Clothes / Pajamas (no spoiler)
Clothes / Skirt (no spoiler)
Clothes / Sleeveless Sweater (no spoiler)
Items / Mobile Phone (no spoiler)
Role / Full Sister (no spoiler)
Role / Older Sister (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Armpit Sex (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Blowjob (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Boobjob (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Handjob (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Outdoor Sex (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Sixty-nine (no spoiler)
Engages in (Sexual) / Virgin Sex (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Bukkake (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Butterfly (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Cowgirl (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Cunnilingus (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Nipple Sucking (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Quickie Fix (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Reverse Cowgirl (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Reverse Missionary (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Sitting Sex (no spoiler)
Subject of (Sexual) / Standing Sex (no spoiler)

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Wakami Suiren

若弥 水蓮

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Wakami Suiren若弥 水蓮
HairBlue, Ponytail, Sidehair
BodyPale, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBelt, Bikini, Clothing with Ribbons, Hair Flower, Hair Tie, Hairpin, Kimono, Naked Shirt, Pajamas, Skirt, Sleeveless Sweater
ItemsMobile Phone
RoleFull Sister, Older Sister
Visual novelsMain character - Suiren to Shion
Voiced byAyumi Sarah


Interests: Observing people
Favorite: Diving
Strengths: Lip-reading, profiling, looking after others
Weaknesses: Machinery and web infrastructure

The elder sister of the two. Has an angelic face with devilishly mature femininity.

With her natural empathy and outstanding observation, she can understand what the other wants right away. And in a way, her genuine kindness makes it easy for her to fulfill it. Therefore, when one starts to indulge in her favor, he usually ends up being a deadweight. Incidentally, she enjoys spoiling people like that.

She is a bit sloppy when working with machines, but for physique, study, housework, appearance, and professional work, she is just perfect. A nature born prodigy.

She is equally kind to everyone. On the other hand, she can think on her own feet. She developed a transcendental detachment such that extreme feelings like anger and jealousy never occur to her.