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Yamato Amanagi

ヤマト アマナギ

Yamato Amanagiヤマト アマナギ
HairOrange, Short, Spiky
EyesCentral Heterochromia, Green
RoleComrade, Lieutenant
Visual novelsMain character - ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos
Voiced byKobayashi Yuusuke (Japanese)


A member of Prometheus and pilot of the Ares Makhia, Yamato is the life of the party who never hides his emotions. Hotheaded and prone to rushing into things, he often has to be helped in battle by Aoba.

Yamato became a Makhia pilot to follow after his father, who he lost to the Meteoras. Feeling a strong sense of purpose in defending the underground city, he also looks up to Chloe as both a soldier and a comrade.